Music is meant to be shared and enjoyed with others

Launching 2024

It all began on Discord almost 6 years ago

Rythm was just a little integration that made it possible to listen to music together from anywhere in the world.

But it became more than just listening to music with others

We saw Rythm become a part of how people gamed together, studied together, and worked together.

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And then it all came to an end suddenly

Now we've had to reinvent ourselves, and find a way to bridge the gap between music and online communities.

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But we haven't given up on our mission

Because we did find a way to bridge the gap, and now we're launching a new product later this year to address this problem.

Will you come along on this journey?

Our alpha and beta tests are your chance to help us test what we've been working on. Our party needs you in it!

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