Adding Rythm

Ready to start listening with Rythm? We currently offer 2 bots for free and 3 bots for premium users!

Rythm releases

These are all official releases of Rythm Bot:


Rythm (Rythm#3722)

  • Prefix: !
  • Rythm is our main bot used by the most servers. This bot and most of its features are available to the public for free.

The Authorization process

Step one

Once you've chosen the release of Rythm that you would like to invite. and you are logged into the correct Discord account, you should now see a menu like this:

Discord Authorization Screen

Tap or click the Select a server button. A pop-up should appear that will let you select where you'd like to add Rythm. In this case, we'll add the bot to Music Lovers ❤.

Choose the server that you'd like and continue


If you don't see your server in this drop-down, click here!

Step two

Once you've selected the server that you'd like to add Rythm to, you can press the Continue button on the bottom right of the menu.

You should now see something similar to this:

Press authorize and you'll be good to go!

Final Step

Once you press the Authorize button and complete the Captcha, you should be redirected here. In addition, you'll also see a message like the one below in your Discord server. Amazing!

A message sent by Rythm upon joining a Discord server

Now let's get the party started by playing some songs!

For any issues with inviting Rythm, check out the Invite Troubleshooting section.