Dashboard Troubleshooting

If you find yourself running into troubles while using the dashboard, this article should help you out!

I can't pause, skip,... on the dashboard. What to do?

  1. Check if you have the DJ role or enough permissions in the server.
    Most of the features requires you to have the DJ role or Manage Channels/Administrator permissions. If you don't have any of those, you will only be able to add/remove your own songs and vote to skip.

  2. Check if you signed in with the correct account.
    You should see your name on the upper-right corner of the dashboard. If it isn't your Discord account, click on the name ➠ Log Out, then log in with the correct account.


You should have full access to the dashboard if you see yourself on the Admin list (to the left of the dashboard).

When adding/removing the DJ role from other users, the dashboard doesn't update!

In order to update users permission on the dashboard, one must disconnect from the voice channel and join again.

None of the above fixed my issue :(

If you are 1000% sure your problem is unsolved after following all of those, please go to Get Support section.