DJ Role

Your friends have great tastes in music and you want them to host a super funky music event, but they are lacking power to control Rythm. So what now? Luckily, you can create a DJ role to give others more permissions over Rythm!

What does DJ role do??

DJ role grants you more access to Rythm. You can refer to here to learn more about what DJ users can do.

Setting up DJ role


You need the Manage Roles permission to create and assign roles in your server.

  1. Create a DJ role:

    • Go to your server settings.


    • Head to the Roles section, create a new role without any special permission and name it DJ.
    • Click on Save Changes and ๐ŸŽ‰, you just created your very own DJ role.


  2. Assign the DJ role to other users:

    • Click on their name or avatar.
    • Click on +
    • Choose DJ role.


You are all set! Rythm will automatically recognize the DJ role and work perfectly! Now give your friends this special role so they can spice up your server with all the blasting music!

Other DJ settings

Use the links below to go to each setting:

  1. DJ Role (Set another role to be considered as DJ)
  2. DJ Only Mode
  3. DJ Only Playlist