Invite Troubleshooting

Rythm won't join my server!! This is an emergency what do I do?!

When adding Rythm, I can't see my server in the list!

Are you signed into the correct account?

If you can't find your server in the drop-down section, this can be caused by various reasons. First, you should make sure that you're signed into the correct account. If you're not, then press the blue Not you? button.

Signed in as User#5119 Not you?

Do you have permissions in the server you want to add Rythm to?

If you're 100% sure that you're signed into the correct account, then you should make sure that you have the correct permissions. In order to add a bot, you need to have a role with the Manage Server or Administrator permission. If you're the server owner, you have those regardless, of course.


If you are able to change the name of the server, you have the required permissions!

Open an incognito tab and invite Rythm from there.

If you're sure that you're signed into the correct account and you have permissions on the server that you'd like to add Rythm to, then you should open an incognito tab and invite Rythm from there. Below is a table which lists the most common keyboard shortcuts for the most popular browsers:

MS EdgeCTRL+Shift+NCMD+Shift+N

Why is this necessary?

Because Discord caches data into cookies, it retains old session information which Discord tries to use when inviting bots. By using an incognito/private browsing window, you force Discord to use a fresh session which should allow you to invite the bot without any issues!

When adding Rythm, Discord asks me to verify my e-mail address.

Unverified Discord account

Discord requires you to verify your e-mail account to add bots into your servers. Head to the User Settings and verify your e-mail there.

Verify your email

I can't invite Rythm on my mobile!

For any issue with inviting Rythm on mobile, see the Mobile Troubleshooting section.

I am having other issues with adding Rythm that isn't listed above

You can:

Click here to join the official Rythm Bot Discord server