Understanding Rythm's Permissions

This article will give you a clear view of Rythm's permission system and help you set up Rythm in your server.

What users can use what command?

Rythm's built-in permission system can be divided into the following groups:

Normal users

By default, all users can only:

  • Add songs to the queue and remove their own songs.
  • Use commands that don't interfere with the music playing or the queue.
    • Example: lyrics, queue, grab.
  • Skip a song through voting.

If DJ Only mode is enabled, normal users will not be able to play songs with Rythm. More Info

Users with Special Permissions

Type of UsersMusic Control*Rythm Setting Control
Users with DJ permissions
- Listening alone with Rythm
- Have DJ role
- Have Manage Channels permission)
Users with Manage Server permissionโœ…
Users with Administrator permissionโœ…โœ…

*Also bypass Max User Songs setting limit. More Info


Users deafened in the voice channel are counted as not using Rythm. For instance, if you are in a voice channel with 3 other deafened users, you will have DJ permissions!

Why does Rythm ask for Administrator permission when I invite it?

What permissions do I need to grant if I don't want the bot to have Administrator permission?

Upon inviting, Rythm asks for Administrator permission because it will make things easier for you to use the bot without any setup required. Make sure Rythm has all of these permissions to work properly if you revoke its Administrator permission: Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels, Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Add Reactions, Use External Emoji, Connect, Speak.

How can I make Rythm only respond to Admins/specific roles?

In order to lock Rythm's commands to a specific role, you can try one of the following:

DJ Only Mode

  1. Give users you want to have access a role named DJ or a role which is considered as DJ from the !settings djrole command. (More info on DJ Role setting)
  2. Run !settings djonly on (More info on DJ Only mode)

Blacklisting Channels

  1. Make a channel that can only be seen by users with the specific role.
    Click here for how.
  2. Blacklist other text channels by following here

WIth this method, users are still able to queue songs via the web dashboard.

How can I give all users access to all music commands?

There is currently no setting that will apply DJ to all users. You will have to either give them the Manage Channels permission or the DJ role manually.

If every member in your server has a common role, you can use the following settings command to set that role to be DJ Role: !settings djrole <Role name> / <@Role>. To learn more, head to the DJ Role section.

How do I restrict Rythm from being used in a specific text/voice channel?

Block music commands from specific text channels.

You can use !settings blacklist #channels to blacklist specific text channels.

Example: !settings blacklist #chat #gaming #international...

Blacklist example

If you don't want Rythm respond with the blacklist message, you can follow the guide below.

Block Rythm completely from text/voice channels.

To disallow Rythm from being used within certain text/voice channels, you must use the Discord's permission system as described below:

  1. Go to your server's settings and select Roles.
  2. Find Rythm, revoke its Administrator permission and grant the Read Text Channels & See Voice Channels, Send Messages, Manage Messages, Embed Links, Add Reactions, Use External Emoji, Connect and Speak permissions.
    • If you have any other roles Rythm is assigned to, repeat this step for each role.
  3. Save and close out of server settings.
  4. Go to each text channel settings you want to restrict Rythm from responding in.
  5. Head to the Permissions section โž  Click + โž  Rythm
  6. On the Rythm override, deny the Read Messages and Send Messages permissions.
  7. Save and close out of channel settings.
  8. Repeat step 4 to 7 for other text channels.