Playing a Song

Now that you have Rythm in your server, you can get the party started! To begin playing songs through Rythm, follow this guide:

1. Join a Voice Channel.

  • You can do that by clicking on the channel with a speaker icon.

    Voice Channel image

2. Summon Rythm into the Voice Channel

  • You can make Rythm join the Voice Channel by typing !summon. After so, Rythm should be in the Voice Channel with you as below:

    Joining a Voice Channel

3. Start your music.

  • Use the command !play to start your music.
    To play a song, type !play <Song Name/Song URL>

When playing a playlist:
  • Make sure the playlist is either Unlisted or Public. If it is set to Private, Rythm won't be able to play that specific playlist.
  • Rythm can only play the first 500 songs from a playlist.

4. Search for more results

  • If you need more search results, you can use !search <song name> and choose the option you want.

    Searching a song


Make sure that your song is not over 3 hours long or Rythm will refuse to play it. To play songs longer than 3 hours, you need to activate Premium for your server.