Premium Troubleshooting

I subscribed to Premium but I can't use Premium features!

1. Make sure your payment for Premium was successful.

2. Make sure you are using the correct commands.

3. Make sure you have enabled perks for your server.

  • Go to Server and choose your correct server(s).

  • If you can't enable Always Playing or can't use Rythm 3-5, make sure you have enabled the perks (you should see always playing & extra bots in the Premium plan description). If not, click Edit Plan and add those extra perks.

4. Nothing above helped!

  • First, take a look at our #outage channel on our Rythm Bot Discord server to see if there are any issues with Premium going on.

  • If nothing there, please mention your issue in our #help-desk channel on the Rythm Bot Discord server to receive assistance from a member of our Support Team.

Click here to join the official Rythm Bot Discord server