Rythm's Queue

  • If you try to play songs while another song is playing, or you try to play a playlist, Rythm will add those into a waiting queue. The order of the songs in queue is the order as you play them.


Viewing the Queue

  • To view the queue, simply run !queue or !q. A nice-looking embed will pop up and list the songs you have added into the queue.


  • If there are multiple queue pages, you can either:

    • Do !queue <Page Number> to view that specific page. Example: !queue 4


    • Use the reactions given to switch between pages.


Managing the Queue

  • You can organize and manage your queue using commands. Check here to view the list of queue commands.

Rythm's maximum queue length is 10,000 songs. This is adjustable via MaxQueueLength setting (More Info)