Slash Commands

Ever forget Rythm's commands? Slash commands are here!

What are Slash Commands?

Slash Commands are Discord's very own version of commands, using / as a command prefix. You can learn more about Slash Commands here.

How to use Slash Commands?

Slash Commands are integrated into Rythm. All you have to do is type a slash / and a list of commands will pop up. Now you can look up for commands that you forget or even learn more commands that you haven't seen before.

Slash Commands Example

Type the command and the required/optional arguments for it will show up. Switch between arguments by pressing Tab, hit Enter to send the command.

Slash Commands Example 2

Slash Commands FAQs

How do I stop a role from using slash commands?

To disable Slash Commands for a role, simply revoke Use Slash Commands permissions from that role in your server/channel settings.

Disable Slash Commands

I don't want Rythm to have Slash Commands in my server. What to do?

Kick Rythm and invite the bot again via this link with the scope for Slash Commands disabled.