Vote Skip

When first running the !skip command, Rythm will call out a vote. If received enough votes from other users doing !skip, Rythm will skip the current playing song.

Vote Skip Example

But why does Rythm ask for a different amount of votes each time, and sometimes even instantly skip my favourite song ;-;? This part will clarify your concern.

How many votes are required for a song to be vote skipped?

For a vote skip to take effect, 75% of the people in the voice channel need to vote to skip.

Here's an example:

  1. Let's assume there are 10 users in a voice chat.
  2. The threshold for skipping is calculated as 75% of 10 = 7.5, then rounded down, so 7.
  3. For the vote skip to take effect, you would then need 7 vote skips.
  • Vote skip will not be active until there are 3 or more people in the voice channel. (As with one person, insta-skip is enabled and with two, the threshold for skipping is 75% of 2 = 1.75, rounded down as 1).
  • If you have the DJ role or Manage Channels permission, you can do !forceskip or !fs, which will instantly skip the song without voting.

How can I remove my vote for song skipping?

Simply disconnect yourself from the voice channel and join again!